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HORECA Akademiet is a consulting company that offers a wide range of services within e-learning and LMS, checklists and control forms, courses and training as well as quality management TQM for the HORECA industry.

E-learning and LMS

competence set in system

On average, employees only have 24 minutes per week to acquire new knowledge. E-learning and "micro-learning" will be good arenas for raising the competence among managers and employees.

Do you need to ensure the quality of the training of your employees? We use technology to develop new arenas for learning and skills development. By facilitating the use of the Mobile digital learning platform (LMS), we facilitate industry-oriented knowledge and offer it easily accessible to everyone.

You as an employer also get a simple overview of the competence in your own business and can document this by supervision etc.


HORECA @kademiet uses the renowned and award-winning LMS solution developed by eloomi.

Checklists and control form

To ensure compliance with routines and procedures given in the training, we can offer systems with digital forms and checklists.

To-do list is a list of tasks that can be ticked off when they are considered complete. The list can be assigned to individuals or as a shared list to several people, where multiple users can participate and complete the list.


The control form consists of a list of control points, where you select pass or fail. In addition, the control screen can be connected to users or departments to provide an overview of who meets the requirements.

Course and training

Skilled and inspiring course leaders are a prerequisite for good course experiences and a good learning environment. Our speakers have extensive experience from their role as advisors and supervisors in the industry in addition to experience from operations.

HORECA @kademiet offers a wide range of open and in-company courses that are adapted for the industry. We offer IK-mat and HACCP courses at three professional levels, preparation of IK alcohol and employees' competence, kitchen finances and operating routines for chefs and management training courses for new managers in the industry.

Quality management TQM

Quality management is the management's work to set overall goals, quality plans and responsibility for implementation.

Quality management involves developing a quality system, an organizational structure with procedures, processes and resources needed for good quality work. Quality management applies at all levels in the company from top management, middle managers and managers of daily operations.


HORECA @kademiet has experience and knowledge to contribute to the work of developing structures, training managers and involving employees to take responsibility for their own workplace.


We at HORECA @kademiet can also assist in the work of evaluating achieved results for system implementation and training.

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