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Our digital solution

HMSdesign AS is pleased to offer delivery and operation of our HSE / HR system, Tudu. The system is a module-based system that contains its own HSE and HR tools, non-conformance management, its own boardroom and GDPR.

In January 2020, we launched our Tudu, which is a digital system for handling the statutory requirements for HSE, which is industry-adapted and user-friendly. In addition, our HR module makes it possible to digitize the employee folder, and give the manager and employee easy access to their own folder.

We also have other modules within board work and GDPR.

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Delivery and operation of HSE / HR system

Shall we assist you in digitizing your HSE everyday life?

HSEdesign has various solutions for digitizing and streamlining HSE work.


This ensures that all employees have access and can use the system. Whether you are sitting in an office or in operational service. The system is adapted so that companies with few or many employees get an equally good overview and efficiency in their HSE work.


Smart solutions will help you as a manager to have a full overview of everything you need related to the legal requirements for HSE in the workplace. And remember that good HSE is profitable and promotes innovation in your workplace.


Read more about our online system

Do you have your own internal solutions?

HSEdesign can contribute to the maintenance and development of the internal control systems you already have access to.

We have extensive experience with HSE work and can contribute with updates of checklists, procedures and routines, risk surveys, HSE plans and more. We can also participate in audits with associated action plans to ensure that the system is up to date, appropriate and complied with.


Our practical approach to the HSE subject means that we have good goals for the introduction, training and motivation of managers, safety representatives and employees. Anchored involvement and sincere commitment are important factors for good and useful HSE work in the company.

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