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HMSdesign AS   is a consulting company that offers services within Occupational Health Services, HR, HSE, quality and management adapted to the HORECA industry. These subject areas are often taken care of in isolation, but with current regulations and requirements for the involvement of employees, the border crossings are less natural.

"Good HSE is good management"

Unge mennesker på en verksted

HSE work and quality

We have the knowledge, service, commitment, technology and willingness to share our knowledge of targeted HSE and quality work. Your needs and our experience mean that together we target measures and prioritize what matters most to you.

We are a partner that assists senior managers, middle managers and employees in work-related issues and skills development within HSE work.

By focusing on systematic HSE work, it will be possible to achieve better routines, less sick leave and a greater degree of employee participation. This in turn provides better quality in the work for the employee, better results for the company, greater competitiveness, trust among customers and the desire to work for the individual.

Course and training

Skilled and inspiring course leaders are a prerequisite for good course experiences and a good learning environment. Our speakers are known for creating good arenas for learning and skills development.

HMSdesign offers a wide range of open and in-company courses that are adapted to selected industries. Examples of courses are Basic training Work environment, HSE courses for managers, Risk and risk management, Sick leave and presence work, Employee interviews, The necessary interview, conflict management and prevention of sexual harassment.

HMSdesign offers industry-oriented courses for the HORECA market with, among other things, Development programs for managers, Food safety with IK food and HACCP and IK alcohol and more.


We can prepare customized programs for leadership development and competence-enhancing measures for your business.

HR and management

The HR area is very large, and the need for services often varies from company to company. HSE design is based on tailoring services according to management philosophy and management style as well as the employees and the company's needs.

We provide operational services within the entire HR spectrum. We must be able to perform as much as possible for you as a leader, so that you can bring out the best in your core business. We believe that good HR services must be adapted to each individual company and each individual work environment. You are therefore free to decide which services you want from us.

Routines and procedures

As an employer, you have a duty to prepare and acquaint your employees with a number of procedures and routines.

What routines and procedures must be developed and to what extent must the HSE system have? This can be very time consuming and complicated to prepare, especially when you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience with the type of work before.

We at HMSdesign have effective methods for preparing and implementing the necessary routines for your company.

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