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Good occupational health service

HSEdesign will deliver to selected industries and will be particularly specialized with the HORECA industry. We provide targeted BHT services with a desire for long-term relationships with our customers.


SALIS and HSE design will contribute to the planning and implementation of targeted HSE measures, preventive HSE work, continuous improvement work and regular evaluations.

HMSdesign AS is a subdivision of SALIS Bedriftsheletjeneste AS and is located with offices in central Oslo.

Sick leave and attendance work

Good quality in sickness absence work requires that a number of prerequisites are in place. We assist in the work and ensure basic competence to have comprehensive and inclusive sickness absence work.

You as an employer should not wait for others to find the solutions for you. It is often limited what a doctor or a caseworker knows about the individual business and the opportunities there. In most cases, you will find in the workplace, manager and employee, perhaps in consultation with BHT until good solutions.


It facilitates the work if all parties know the rules of the game and the routines and what they can expect during the follow-up work. In this work, we as BHT can have an active and contributing role.

Risk and risk management

All companies must map and assess all hazards and problems and assess the risks associated with the work.

Accidents and poor health can destroy a human life, at the same time as it can have consequences for the business in the form of both absence, production losses and damaged equipment. Assessing risk in a business is a continuous process where one must make regular surveys and assessments of the dangers and problems in the business.


godBHT has extensive experience in assisting in this valuable work. External people who can contribute new ideas and a different approach to uncover and prevent known challenges are often useful. Together with you, we will help keep the risk level as low as possible.

Systematic HSE work

Internal control is a legal requirement aimed at all companies, regardless of size and industry, and forms the core of the company's work environment activity.

The company's HSE work must be documented in writing. It should be clear when and how different conditions are risk assessed and controlled, and how you should prevent, detect and correct errors. It must also be clear who is responsible for all stages of the mapping work, risk assessment and implementation of measures.

godBHT and HSEdesign have extensive experience in simplifying and targeting HSE work so that you experience it as appropriate, useful and valuable for the company's continuous improvement work. We have good databases on forms, checklists and practical tools that simplify your work.

Work environment and occupational health surveys

Situational targeted surveys as a basis for continuous improvement work.

Surveys of the working environment are all companies required to carry out in accordance with the Working Environment Act and regulations on internal control. If you follow the internal control regulations, however, you will see that different forms of investigations can be carried out in different situations and cases. "GodBHT" therefore offers web-based questionnaires in conducting surveys or work environment surveys.


If complaints or warnings have been made in the working environment, a factual investigation should be used. If you are unsure of any work environment issues and what the challenge is and who may be involved, you should not conduct a traditional questionnaire survey - then it is a complaint or preliminary investigations that apply. Regardless of the situation, we have the expertise to assist you.

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