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HSE course for managers, E-learning


kr. 1450,-


5 hours

Om kurset

Objective The course will give you insight and understanding of systematic HSE work. The goal is to provide you with basic knowledge and tools so that you can contribute to continuous HSE work in your enterprise.

Topics in the course

  • The Working Environment Act (AML) and the associated regulations of the Working Environment Act

  • HSE documentation and systematic HSE work in your own enterprise

  • Risk mapping and risk management

  • Safety representative, AMU (working environment committee) and BHT (occupational health service)

  • Sick leave efforts and IA (Inclusive Working Life)

  • Conflict management

  • Tips and advice when supervising

  • Test that must be passed

  • Summary

Good HSE is good management!

Price with membership: 1450,-

Price without membership: 1850,-

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