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Eco-Lighthouse is a recognized and effective tool for certification and environmental management, which helps companies succeed in green transformation.


Through a digital system, companies get concrete tools to work purposefully to improve their environmental performance in the areas of working environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing and transport. This gives companies good conditions to contribute to achieving several of the UN's sustainability goals.


The Environmental Lighthouse scheme is operated by the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation.

Leading in Norway

Miljøfyrtårn is Norway's most widely used certificate for companies that want to document their environmental efforts and show social responsibility.

More than 7,000 companies are certified as Environmental Lighthouses - from small and medium-sized individual companies, to large groups and municipalities. With adapted criteria for over 80 different industries , Miljøfyrtårn makes sustainability concrete and profitable.

Eco-lighthouse certification is recognized by the authorities in public procurement, and approved as environmental documentation in tender competitions.

There are several environmental certifications in Norway. Read the comparison of Miljøfyrtårn and ISO 14001.


Recognized in Europe

Eco-Lighthouse is the first national scheme in Europe to be recognized by the EU .

Certified companies can present the Eco-Lighthouse certificate as documentation when public clients in other European countries conduct competitions, and EMAS or other environmental management systems are required.

Contact us if you want help or assistance with certification and recertification.


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Ole Anders Grong

Daglig leder og seniorrådgiver 

Godkjent Miljøfyrtårnkonsulent

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