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HMSdesign AS and SALIS BHT AS collaborate to deliver preventive occupational health services to the HORECA industry and selected industries.


Together we work for a "fresher" tourism Norway.


Coronavirus - advice and information

We update our news with current information regarding the coronavirus.

HMSdesign AS is a consulting company that offers services within Occupational Health Services, HR, HSE, quality and management.

We must be able to perform as much as possible for you as a leader, so that you can bring out the best in your core business. We believe that good HR services must be adapted to each individual company and each individual work environment.


HMSdesign also offers management training adapted to your needs and challenges.

"Good HSE is good management"

HORECA Akademiet is a consulting company that offers a wide range of services within e-learning and LMS.

We also have solutions for electronic

checklists and control forms.

Here is a selection from our customer portfolio

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